Unlock the magic of WordPress.

WPWizard turns your WordPress website into an easy-to-use, digital marketing hub.

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WordPress made magical.

We’ve transformed WordPress into more than a CMS; with WPWizard your website becomes a complete platform for marketing and growing your business.

WPWizard is a WordPress ecosystem with everything included; even hosting!


Editing Made Easy

100% front-end editing. View your pages the way they look live and click to edit anything you want.
No code required.


Built-in Digital Marketing Tools

Everything you need to run modern digital marketing programs is already integrated with your website.

SEO tools, social media management, lead management, landing pages, creative calls to action and A/B testing.


Worry Free WordPress

As a managed WordPress host, WPWizard takes care of the technical details so you can stay focused on doing what you love.

We manage updates to WordPress and your plug-ins, plus monitor uptime, privacy and security.


Make your website enjoyable again.

WPWizard users gain the freedom to focus on what they do best, whether that’s marketing, selling or delivering their products and services. Discover how easy and powerful WordPress can be.

Our Clients

Stress Free Editing

If you find yourself quickly lost in an over-complicated interface on your WordPress website, you’re not alone.

The WordPress admin panel and page editor can be confusing to technical and non-technical users alike. So, we fixed it.

Made for you

We’ve re-designed the administrative panel and pre-integrated a suite of plug-ins that provide you all the tools you need.

100% Front-End Editing

With WPWizard you edit your pages on a view that’s exactly the same as the way they look on your site. No need to figure out which box or field goes with which copy or image and no need to know any code.

Surprise-free Saves

Say goodbye to the “save and check” routine. What you see when you edit is what you see when you publish.


240% growth in traffic
7x increase in B2B leads

Simple and Successful Content Marketing

“The WPWizard platform made it super easy for us to get our content marketing programs up and running. Plus, the editing functions are so simple anyone on our team can create new articles or video posts.”

Kristina Rookwood, POSH MOBILE

A WordPress ecosystem
with everything included

WPWizard has everything you need to turn your WordPress website into a digital marketing hub.

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Your Marketing

The WPWizard platform also includes advice, reports and guidance to help you successfully run modern digital marketing programs.

Step-by-Step Advice

WPWizard surfaces critical insights and data about what’s happening on your website and with your campaigns so you can make educated decisions about what to do next.

Actionable Analytics & Reporting

Friendly on-screen guidance to ensure you get the most out of your site. Confidently learn and use new digital marketing tools.

Experts Standing By

Quickly call in designers, developers, copywriters and other production help if you need it. All at affordable rates.


Worry Free WordPress

The team at WPWizard automatically updates your core WordPress and any plug-ins installed as part of the platform. We address all alerts related to your hosting environment and we monitor your site pro-actively for uptime, performance, network security, and SEO.

Why Managed WordPress?

WordPress is a great CMS, but it requires a lot of attention to make sure it stays secure, up to date and running at peak efficiency.

As a managed WordPress host, WPWizard takes care of the technical details, so you can focus on doing what you love and growing your business.

All we do is WordPress

Because we specialize in WordPress, our servers are specifically calibrated to make your sites blazing fast. We also ensure every site has the dedicated resources to meet the needs of even the most demanding sites.

WPWizard Hosting Benefits

Rock-solid Servers

Say goodbye to bottom-of-the-barrel hosting and the anxiety that goes with it. At WPWizard, robust, enterprise-grade, cloud-based infrastructure results in high performing websites every time.


By using Amazon Web Services your WordPress site gains the unbeatable performance, redundancy, and scalability available to the biggest brands in the world.

Say Goodbye to Updates

Those update warnings will be a thing of the past. We’ll make sure your site is always running the latest and greatest WordPress software.

Hacker-free security

The popularity of WordPress makes it a tempting target for bad guys, but you can sleep soundly at night. We proactively monitor every site for hackers and malware.

Pro-Active Monitoring

We actively monitor your site and handle any unexpected downtime with extreme urgency. We’re also monitoring for security breaches and any other evidence of intrusion.

Unlimited Support

You’ll receive unlimited technical support of the native WPWizard code & platform (bugs, fixes, updates, reinstatement.) As long as we created it, we’ll support it!

Go Worry Free

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