About WPWizard

We are often asked how WPWizard came to be and why. Below is the story.

More websites are built with WordPress than any other CMS.

of websites with a CMS, and close to 20% of all websites in the world, run on WordPress
Source: Managewp.com

Why WordPress
WordPress Ecosystem
BUT it can be complex, time-consuming and costly with many steps…
  1. Set goals for your site
  2. Determine conversion strategy
  3. Choose the right host
  4. Secure or migrate your domain
  5. Install WordPress
  6. Select a Theme
  7. Find and install plug-ins
  8. Integrate with your systems
  9. Determine site map
  1. Create page/post
  2. Add content
  3. SEO best practices
  4. Go live
  5. Promote your site
  6. Stay on top of trends
  7. Refresh content
  8. Update WP and Plugins
  9. Grow site as needed
PLUS the world of omni-channel digital marketing is highly complex and challenging to manage
Omni-channel Digital Marketing
And it’s impossible to keep up with the latest tools and applications.
Almost 4000 companies are a part of the 2016 digital marketing landscape up from 150 in 2011.

Digital Marketing Technology Company Growth

As a result, we hear these kinds
of things over and over again…

“I hate my website”
“Our data is all over the place”
“We can’t get anything to work right”
“Even simple changes are taking me forever”
“I don’t have time to evaluate all the apps out there”

So, we created WPWizard to make WordPress websites fun and easy to use.

We also wanted to turn our users (and their websites) into digital marketing machines.

AND, we wanted to get the technology out of the way.

WPWizard includes:

[1] A WordPress admin for marketers and business owners.
[2] Built-in digital marketing tools.
[3] Worry free WordPress hosting, support & maintenance.

Need more magic?

We have an incredible team of strategists, digital marketing experts, project managers, designers, coders, and content developers.

We make them available to you in a way that is affordable and again, easy.



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