WPWizard Platform


Transform WordPress into more than a CMS; with WPWizard your website becomes a complete platform for marketing and growing your business.

Through a combination of plugins and the WordPress API, we’ve created a platform that allows you to have a better experience with your WordPress website.

WPWizard Easy Editing


WordPress for the modern marketer

Digital marketing tools, story workflows, front-end editors and built in analytics to make you the marketing team rockstar.

We’ve architected this system to make your life easier and get you up and running quickly with high impact digital marketing programs.


WPWizard Built In Digital Marketing Tools


Full of Additional Features

WPWizard comes with industry best digital marketing tools and plug-ins integrated from day one.

Stop wasting time looking for the best social media management plug-in and trying to get it integrated. Forget fiddling around with stand-alone landing page systems. Everything you need to be a digital marketing guru is already included.

WPWizard Support

Outstanding Support

We’ll manage all the updates and regular maintenance on the WordPress core as well as all of the licensed plug-ins included in WPWizard.

As long as you don’t add or change anything to the WP Wizard code, we’ll guarantee the platform and provide unlimited technical support.


WPWizard Worry Free Hosting

Worry Free Hosting

Robust, enterprise-grade, cloud-based infrastructure powered by AWS results in high performing websites every time. Included in WPWizard is peace of mind that your website is online, secure and running at peak performance.

Say goodbye to bottom-of-the-barrel hosting and the anxiety that goes with it.


Wickedly Fast Websites

The WPWizard servers are calibrated for WordPress and will ensure your vistiors have a blazing fast experience, even on mobile.

At WPWizard, robust, enterprise-grade, cloud-based infrastructure powered by AWS results in high performing websites every time.


WPWizard Worry Free Hosting


Download Platform Overview

Get a quick view of the WPWizard platform and its primary features and benefits. If it looks like a good fit for you, let’s talk!

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