We built a better way to use your WordPress website

WordPress for the Modern Marketer

With professional analytics, editorial workflow and digital marketing tools built-in and made easy for everyone to understand and use.

A completely re-designed website administration created with you, the marketer, in mind. No more remembering plug-in names or taking tiresome training just to try and understand how to make simple edits.

The admin in WPWizard is completely intuitive and includes the analytics feedback to ensure your website is doing what your business requires.


WPWizard Templates

Analytics & Executive Dashboards

Easily see up to the minute data on your critical metrics around things like page speed, bounce rate and sources of traffic. Measure performance against KPIs like conversions, sign-ups, CTRs and lead flow.

WPWizard Templates

Editorial Calendar

Plan, collaborate, write and schedule your content marketing entirely within your WordPress website. Assign to others, comment easily and provide a system to capture and communicate approvals.

WPWizard Templates

Persona Based Planning

Build your customer into your content planning. We include the tools to quickly construct customer personas or input your existing ones. Now you can track your content and campaigns against the original personas and validate your marketing strategy with website data.

Intuitive, Fun
to Use Back-End

We’ve re-designed the administrative panel (a.k.a the “dashboard’) for WordPress with you in mind.

With our new intuitive interface you’ll be able to quickly and easily find what you need, when you need it.

An Organized View

If you’ve used WordPress before you know how powerful it is, and how confusing it can be.

We’ve created an entirely new view for users like you in mind. Find what you need and quickly execute your most important tasks.

Intuitive Labels

It doesn’t require extensive training or a glossary of WordPress terms to figure out what’s what in WPWizard.

We’ve called everything exactly what it is. Create an event. Write an article. Automate your email. Build a form.

WPWizard Intuitive Admin Back-End

Editors that work

Instead of getting in the way of yours.
WPWizard Templates

Front End Editing

All editing done on WPWizard websites is 100% front end. View web pages exactly how they’ll look on line and edit them in real-time. WPWizard comes with suggested pagebuilders, but works with all modern builders.

WPWizard Templates

Page Building Paradise

Choose from a variety of page templates, sections and even individual blocks or elements. Use these tools to build and edit your pages. Get creative. Adopt new functionality. Design on the fly.

Surprise Free Saves

Say goodbye to the save and check routine. View web pages exactly how they’ll look online and edit them in real-time. No more endless previewing and adjusting until you get it right.


Download Platform Overview

Get a quick view of the WPWizard platform and its primary features and benefits. If it looks like a good fit for you, let’s talk!

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