Stop worrying about your website and whether it’s updated, stable, secure or up and running.
Let us do the worrying for you.

Our monthly management programs are designed to resolve any and all technical issues you have with your website.


WPWizard provides two levels of support to our users.

Unlimited Technical Support

We provide unlimited technical support on the WPWizard platform. We’ll proactively monitor the site for up-time and get you back on line quickly should the site be down for any reason.

User Support

User support is meant for editors and administrators of your website who need help setting up a page or a post, understanding how WordPress works or taking advantage of the built-in marketing tools.

  • Maintenance

    Included in your monthly management program are regular updates to both Core WordPress and the plug-ins included with WPWizard.

    We ensure your WordPress website that is always up to date and taking advantage of the latest updates.

  • Licensing

    Your monthly management program from to WPWizard includes updating of all your WordPress and WordPress plug-in licenses and any fees associated with premium versions of plug-ins. We make sure you are always up to date and compliant.

  • Reporting

    The WPWizard platform includes a wonderful insightful reporting engine and executive dashboard. Your dashboard includes a birds eye view of your most critical KPIs such as sign-ups, leads generated and conversions as well as the standard suite of website metrics such as page views and time on page.

  • Hosting

    Our managed WordPress hosting is built on Amazon AWS and is completely optimized for WordPress websites. Our platform delivers the absolute best performance possible in terms of security and workflow. WPWIzard website also feature lightning fast page speeds which improve user experience and your Google rankings too! Learn more about our hosting.


Download Platform Overview

Get a quick view of the WPWizard platform and its primary features and benefits. If it looks like a good fit for you, let’s talk!

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