Ongoing Management

You know email marketing generates incredible returns and is something you should be doing on a regular basis to generate new leads, engage with prospects, and interact regularly with your current customers. However, you don’t have the time to get it done, or maybe you don’t have the skill sets in house. WPWizard will manage your email programs for you.

  1. Program Strategy & Plan

    Our team will work with you to carefully craft an email marketing strategy and program plan for an agreed timeframe. We’ll also agree regular status update and review meetings and gather all the information we need about your technical requirements, target audience, messaging objectives and branding guidelines.

  2. Implementation

    The WPWizard team will begin implementation of the email marketing activities as agreed during the strategy and planning task. Throughout implementation we will carefully test each email for accuracy, technical functionality, cross-browser and responsive (mobile) performance.

  3. Regular Review

    Your team and ours will meet regularly to review what’s working and not working. We’ll look at performance data including open and click-through rates, but most importantly, we’ll evaluate whether or not your email marketing efforts are paying off and either tweak as needed, accelerate or change direction altogether.




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Typically billed monthly with payments due 30 days in advance.

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