Succeed at Social

As of 2016, 79% of all online adults (68% of all Americans) use Facebook. See the graph provided by Pew Research for usage data on other social media channels.

One of the biggest challenges businesses have is to choose their digital marketing investments wisely. Many business owners question the value of participating in social media but have the sense it’s “something we just have to do.”

At WPWizard we believe in a few things.

  • Be where your customers are.
    It sounds simple. If your target audience is on Pinterest, then you should be there. If they use LinkedIn, focus your efforts on that channel first. Don’t just follow the fads or succumb to peer pressure.
  • Focus on engagement.
    Most businesses think in rather traditional terms about social media and view it as a channel for driving sales. That’s not what social media is about. It’s about sharing and engaging in a two-way dialogue.
  • Build relationships.
    It’s not just about talking at your customers. It’s about talking to them about the things that interest them. It’s about listening, commenting, responding and showing you genuinely care.

  • Use the opportunity to learn.
    Every opportunity you have to get feedback from your customers, to hear what they think in their own voice is so valuable. Social media makes it efficient too.
  • Show up.
    A big part of social media is just being there. Being visible and front of mind with your target audience in the digital arena where they spend time. Furthermore, your social sites will feed the search engines and show up in results.

All that being said, building an appropriate presence in the right social media channels can be challenging.

Just setting up your sites can be daunting. We’re here to help.


Set up Your Channels
Look good and work well on TVs, desktop and mobile environments.
Ongoing Management
Agree a strategy, let WPWizard execute it and monitor for success.


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