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In today’s digital economy simple transactional purchases are 100% driven by marketing with little to no engagement of a sales team.


Conversely, it is commonly believed that 100% of complex, high risk purchases are driven by sales.

But, the reality is that marketing plays a primary role in ALL purchases.

Today’s buyers conduct almost all of their sales cycle independently online.

In fact, independent research suggests that 90% of the decision making process is complete before a B2B stakeholder even engages a salesperson.1Forrester: Buyer Behavior Helps B2B Marketers Guide The Buyers’ Journey

Since so much of the sales cycle is self-driven by your buyer it is absolutely critical that you tell your story clearly and consistently.

Choose your channels wisely to find your target audience. And when you score a face to face meeting, make sure the story you tell in that meeting is the same one you told online.

Top 6 things your story-telling should do:

  1. Convey your personality
  2. Demonstrate empathy
  3. Achieve consistency and inspire trust
  4. Distinguish you from your competition
  5. Build a relationship with your target buyer(s)
  6. Help you emerge as a leader and ideal product or partner.


Messaging Playbook
Document the messages to be used consistently across all marketing, client communications and channels.
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Buyer Personas
Create fictional characters that represent your high priority buyers or users. Let them guide you.
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Case Studies
Compelling and engaging. High impact. Tell the story from the point of view of your clients.
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Blog Articles
Tell the stories that will attract and engage your target audience and pull them into your website.
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PowerPoint Template
Create a highly functional, professional, branded template. Save everyone countless hours.
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Company Presentation
Build your brand and create trust with a consistent company overview that tells your story.
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