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You website should be a living, breathing digital world that evolves as your audience, products & services, marketing messages, branding, team and strategy evolve. At no time can you afford for your website to be static (if nothing else Google will penalize you for it!) but we all know it can be a daunting task to keep up with the volume of work.

There’s also a good chance that at some point you are going to find yourself without the right skill sets to design, develop or create content for your website. Or, maybe you’ve already decided you don’t want to add those skill sets to your team. You may decide that it’s more important to build a business development team or hire a social media manager or focus your limited resources on product marketing.

5 Things a Web Designer Should Know

  • User Experience (UX) best practices, current trends, things to consider in order to reach the objective you have for your website and goals for each user type.
  • User Interface (UI) again, best practices and current trends, positive and negative impact of the look and feel of your site and how to ensure that the UI is aligned with your branding and overall marketing strategy.
  • Information Architecture a good designer can tell you why the way content is structured on your site matters and how to ensure it’s organized to optimize outcomes.
  • Design Principles. Your web designer should understand color theory, typography, image dos and don’ts, composition and other basic principles of graphic design as they apply to the web.
  • Responsive and UI Patterns.  There are common design patterns for the web. There are certain things that work well on screens of all sizes and there are also very common design conventions that users have come to expect and will positively impact your visitors experience. Test your designers to make sure they know these. 

    This is just a handful of the things that are important for the designers working on your website to know. Developers and content creators have similar lists. The point is to make sure that you don’t underestimate the skill set required and that you find the right resources to retain and improve the value of your website which is clearly the foundation of all your digital marketing efforts and one of your most valuable marketing assets.


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